Florida boy, 14, fatally shoots mom; wounds her boyfriend in a ‘scene that nightmares are made of’

10 month ago

Riverview news, Florida news.

Authorities in Hillsborough County, Florida have apprehended a suicidal teen who killed his mother, wounded her boyfriend, and threatened his older brother Saturday.

The horrific incident occurred at around 4 p.m. when police received several 911 calls about an incident in the Summerfield subdivision of Riverview.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found an armed 14-year-old boy pointing a firearm at his own head and threatening to kill himself.

He was subdued following a 16-minute negotiation that included the deployment of a non-lethal projectile.

The boy’s mom was found dead in the driveway of the home; her boyfriend was located nearby with five gunshot wounds to the lower torso, hands, and face.

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  • The suspect’s older brother told deputies that he was also threatened but managed to flee. He revealed that an argument between his mother and her boyfriend preceded the shooting.

    “The scene behind me is one that nightmares are made of,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “And that is extremely heartbreaking.”

    The sheriff added that the juvenile shot the boyfriend before his mother and that he ran around the street looking for the injured man to “finish the job.”

    “This family’s lives have been changed forever. They lost a mother,” he said.

    “This is heartbreaking. Our suspect is only 14 years of age. This 14-year-old young boy’s life is over. He will never see the outside of a detention facility.”