Florida man claims father asked to be shot after victim’s body found in chest-freezer

15 days ago

Alva news, Florida news.

A Florida man was arrested last week after the body of his slain father was discovered inside a chest freezer in the home they used to share.

Brian Hemmert, 60, went missing in June but wasn’t reported to authorities until August 28.

At that time, police showed up at his Alva home and questioned his 31-year-old son Jake Hemmert over the disappearance.

The younger Hemmert claimed he last saw his father recently when he dropped him off at the Punta Gorda Airport for a hunting trip to Utah. He further claimed that he had been in contact with the missing man.

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  • Investigators obtained a search warrant after spotting blood in a bedroom inside the home and finding Brian Hemmert’s phone at the scene.

    On September 7, detectives discovered Brian Hemmert’s body inside a large, duct-taped shut chest freezer. Jake Hemmert told investigators that the man asked to be shot while he was laying on his bed.

    After shooting him, Jake Hemmert admitted to cleaning up the scene and removing the bloody mattress to the attic.

    The son is also accused of using his slain father’s credit cards and selling the man’s tools on Facebook Marketplace.

    Jake Hemmert was charged with second-degree murder, credit card fraud, and grand theft.