Officers save toddler from drowning after Chicago father reveals plans to sacrifice him during Lyft ride

17 days ago

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A Chicago Lyft driver is hailed a hero after he alerted authorities to a disturbing plan of a father who shared that he wanted to sacrifice his son during a ride.

When officers responded to Jeremiah Campbell’s home on the 7700 block of South Shore Drive in downtown Chicago, the 29-year-old father was in the process of drowning his 2-year-old son in a bathtub.

Officers forced entry to the home when they didn’t receive an answer after they knocked at the door. Through a window, they could see the man kneeling over the bathtub.

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  • “They brought the child out and he was just drenched and coughing,” a neighbor recalled.

    The police’s intervention that saved the toddler’s life came after the Lyft driver contacted 911 to report that Campbell talked about sacrificing his child to Jehovah during a ride to his home.

    Campbell was on probation for a 2021 case of aggravated assault resulting in bodily harm and domestic battery.