Toddler dies in tragic accident at Massachusetts auto shop

9 month ago

Cohasset news, Massachusetts news.

A Massachusetts toddler is dead after a tragic accident at his family’s auto shop business, authorities in Cohasset said.

The 2-year-old died Thursday after an accident involving a skid steer at Hajj Auto Care owned by his family.

Neighbors said that the toddler was oftentimes with his grandfather at the business with “a lot of equipment and a lot of movement over there.

“He was kind, gentle, very excited to be here, and excited to be with his grandpa,” said neighbor Mel McLaughlin.

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  • “The little boy followed him everywhere, and he was trying to mentor him, teach him good manners, teach him to look at people in the eye, and teach him to use his quarter to pay for the two pieces of candy.”

    Following the incident, the grandfather rushed his dying child to the police department around the corner but he couldn’t be saved.

    The accident remains under investigation by Norfolk County authorities and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    “There was definitely an unconditional love, that is why the story itself is so much more heartbreaking.”