‘It shocks the soul’: Teen mom throws newborn alive into dumpster with trash compactor killing him

1 month ago

Dothan news, Alabama news.

A teen mother has reportedly admitted to killing her newborn this month after his remains were discovered in a Doathan landfill.

Jakayla Ashanti Williams, 18, confessed to throwing her baby boy alive into a dumpster with a trash compactor killing him.

“She told family members that she had delivered a child in August and taken it to Southeast Health Medical Center in Dothan,” said Police Chief Will Benny.

But the mother’s relatives suspected her claims and contacted the police. The hospital confirmed that Williams never brought the child as she pretended.

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  • During questioning, Williams admitted to the crime revealing that she did not want to be a mother.

    Benny said that had she brought the baby to the hospital as she claimed, Williams would have been protected by the Alabama law.

    “It shocks the mind; it shocks the soul,” the police chief commented.

    Williams was charged with capital murder and is being held without bail.