Gov. Abbott under fire after death of toddler on migrant bus

9 month ago

Houston news, Texas news.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is facing more backlash over his handling of the migrants’ crisis after the death of a toddler while bused to Chicago this week.

The death of the 3-year-old migrant sparked anguish among social media users, especially politicians opposing the Republican governor’s migrant-busing policy.

“Greg Abbott is already responsible for a child dying in his razor wire buoy stunt,” posted Democratic strategist Sawyer Hackett on X.

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  • “Now another child has died in his stunt to abduct and ship migrants out of state. He has blood on his hands. He shouldn’t be sued, he should be prosecuted.”

    MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan added: “Not sure how many migrants need to literally die on Greg Abbott’s watch for us to treat what’s happening at the Texas border as the national scandal that it should be.”

    Others refused to put the entire blame on Abbott for migrants’ tragedies arguing that the federal government’s failure to respond to border crossings has a role in what’s happening.