Ohio fugitive found dead in river ending five days of search involving 16 law enforcement agencies

4 month ago

Henderson news, Kentucky news.

Authorities in Kentucky announced Sunday that the body of an Ohio inmate was found floating in a local river ending five days of intensive search that involved 16 law enforcement agencies across three states.

The body of Bradley Gillespie was spotted by a boater in the Ohio River after authorities “turned over every stone” while looking for the 50-year-old fugitive.

Investigators said that Gillespie and James Lee escaped from the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio on May 23 by “concealing themselves in a dumpster.”

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  • Authorities then announced a $21,000 reward for tips about the two escapees and on Tuesday, the pair were spotted in a stolen red Mercury Capri in Henderson, Kentucky.

    After a chase, the inmates' car crashed and Lee was apprehended. But Gillespie, a convicted murderer, remained free.

    “We're glad to have closure to this situation in this event,” said Henderson Police Department Chief Sean McKinney.

    “However, I do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate death of any life at this time.”