Family considers lawsuit after dad with heart transplant dies from not receiving essential meds at jail

4 month ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

A Florida man died three days after bonding out of jail after authorities there failed to provide his essential medication while in their custody.

Dexter Barry, 54, was caught on footage telling arresting officers that he needed anti-rejection medication for his heart transplant.

“I take rejection medicine for my heart transplant,” he told the officers. “I can't miss no doses.”

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  • Relatives of Barry said that he died after his heart stopped from not taking the medication.

    “How do you give him blood pressure and cholesterol meds but don't give him the most important meds of all?” Barry's daughter said.

    “That's my only question. And we all know now that my dad's rejection mes were the most expensive meds he took, so all this can be about money.”