Uncle fatally shoots nephew, wounds woman outside NYC home

4 month ago

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A New York City man is dead after he was fatally shot outside a Queens home by his uncle, family, and police said.

25-year-old Chevaughn Millings was gunned down at around 11:15 p.m. Saturday in Jamaica. A 20-year-old woman also sustained gunshot wounds but is expected to survive.

“It was his uncle. It was our uncle,” a cousin told reporters. “Shot him. It happened so fast. Happened so fast. His own uncle. Outside. They were outside. It happened so fast.”

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  • The victim's mother also confirmed that her son was shot by her brother adding that she doesn't know why.

    According to neighbors, the family had moved into the block on Pineville Lane three years ago but kept to themselves.

    “Many people live there. They fix cars out of the back, like a business. They're always cars coming and going and have very loud music playing,” one said.

    “They don't talk to any of the neighbors. None of the neighbors around here know them.”