Shooting at New Mexico biker rally leaves at least 3 dead, 5 wounded

one year ago

Red River news, New Mexico news.

Authorities in New Mexico said that a shooting between rival biker gangs left at least three people dead and five wounded at a Memorial weekend motorcycle rally.

The shooting occurred at around 5 p.m. outside a retail sector of Red River. Police said that none of the victims was local resident of Red River.

“It was gang-related,” said Mayor Linda Calhoun adding that all suspects were in police custody.

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  • The incident took place at the 41st Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally that drew thousands of bikers from “different backgrounds.”

    Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina said that he attended the rally at his hometown Red River when tragedy struck.

    “What a helpless feeling not having a badge, gun, or radio as State Police officers and others enter the restaurant and slowly everything closes down and you don't even know if you can get to your car or if it's in the scene,” he said.

    “Prayers for all the officers out there. This wave of gun violence impacts all of New Mexico large or small.”