'I'm sorry': Aiden Fucci expresses regret in letter to Judge, Tristyn Bailey's family before sentencing

one year ago

St. Augustine news, Florida news.

Aiden Fucci, the Florida teen who pleaded guilty last month to the heinous murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey sent a letter to the judge and the victim's family seeking mercy hours before being sentenced to life behind bars.

Fucci, now 16, was not facing the death penalty since he was a minor when he stabbed his classmate 114 times on May 9, 2021.

“My name is Aiden Fucci, I am 16 years old. First off, I want to say that I'm sorry for all the pain I caused to the Bailey family. I sorry to the friends, brothers, sisters, mom, dad, and any other family relatives,” Fucci, who faced a minimum of 40 years in jail for the crime wrote to the Judge.

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  • “I'm sorry that you didn't get to know her that long. You did not have any long relationships with Tristen and for that I'm sorry.”

    “For the community, I'm sorry I brought all this pain on everybody and I'm sorry and I know my apology will not fix anything or bring her back but I hope it helps in some way,” the handwritten letter added.

    Fucci also apologized to his parents and younger brother and sister for causing them trouble in work, school, and life.

    “I miss you. The longer I'm in here, the more I forget, the memories I lose. I'll never forget you love me.”