School District to pay family of teen student $1M after allergic reaction death

6 days ago

Nebraska news, US news.

The family of a Nebraska boy who died from an allergic reaction after being offered a granola bar by a teacher will receive $1 million from the school district.

Tom and Jill Shaw lost their 14-year-old son Jagger last May after he was given a granola bar by his teacher at Liberty Middle School and became seriously ill after eating it.

“I gave him a hug and kiss and I told him to be good, and have a good day like every time I dropped him off,” the grieving father said of Jagger's last school day.

The father said that Jagger asked his teacher to go to the school office and retrieve a snack before she offered him the granola bar.

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  • “Jagger took it, and got halfway through eating it, and felt like he was starting to have an allergic reaction and went to the nurse's office,” he added.

    “They gave him Benadryl and waited to see if that was working.”

    The teen “came back from the bathroom looking flushed” after trying to throw up the food. The nurse give him the EpiPen and requested an ambulance.

    At the hospital, Jagger's heart had to be revived and his brain began swelling. He was placed on a ventilator until his death on May 7, 2022.

    “I hope that he knew somehow that we were with him,” Tom said.