Nebraska man, his mother arrested after abused 22-month-old boy succumbs to injuries

one year ago

Lincoln news, Nebraska news.

A Nebraska man and his mother are facing charges in connection with the Friday death of a 22-month-old baby from obvious abuse.

The victim was brought to a hospital on Sunday when his mother couldn't wake him up. The woman told investigators that the child had bruises and injuries since her boyfriend Josh Tackett moved into their home in January.

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  • The 32-year-old man lied to the baby's mom every time she questioned the bruises, once claiming that he passed out while carrying him or even that the baby tripped and fell down the stairs.

    Tackett's mother, Karen Vestecka, was arrested after she was caught removing weapons from his apartment; Tackett was a convicted felon barred from possessing firearms.

    Tackett was busted at a relative's home and charged with gun offenses. Charges relative to the baby's abuse and death are pending.