Tennessee woman with lengthy rap sheet slaughters mother, sets home ablaze

7 month ago

Kingsport news, Tennessee news.

A Tennessee woman was arrested this week after she allegedly slaughtered her own mother and set her Kingsport, authorities said.

Joie Dawes, 43, is accused of killing Martha Dozier by strangling her to death late Saturday. She was spotted leaving the scene moments before it caught flames.

“On Saturday, March 11, just before 6 p.m., first responders from both the Kingsport fire department and police department responded to a residence in Westmoreland Avenue in Kinsport in reference to a structure fire,” the Kingsport Police Department said in a statement.

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  • “Upon arrival, the home was found to be fully involved. During the fire attack and subsequent search, KFD firefighters discovered and recovered a deceased adult female victim who was later identified as Martha A. Dozier.”

    “After a considerable further investigation, to include a thorough processing of the scene and a subsequent interview with Ms. Dawes, investigators were able to establish probable cause to determine that Ms. Dawes was responsible for both the intentional death of her mother and the deliberate setting of the fire that followed.”

    Dawes, who was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated arson, was said to have a lengthy rap sheet including burglary and assault cases.