Alex Murdaugh trial proceedings halted over bomb threat

one year ago

Colleton County news, South Carolina news.

A bomb threat forced Judge Newman to interrupt the proceedings at the trial of Alec Murdaugh Wednesday.

Reports of the threat emerged at around 12:25 p.m. when prosecutors called S.C. Law Enforcement Division agent Brian Hudak to the witness stand.

Bailiffs could be seen getting communications on walkies-talkies before alerting the judge who then sent jurors to the jury room.

The judge asked the audience to evacuate. Attendees were then rushed out of the courthouse through all, including one that was not usually allowed to the public.

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  • “A bomb threat was received by Colleton County courthouse personnel,” SLED said in a statement about 20 minutes later.

    “The building has been evacuated and SLED along with the Colleton County Sheriff's Office are investigating the threat.”

    Local reporters said that people were initially allowed to remain outside the courthouse on the lawn before being sent out to the street.

    Alex Murdaugh, a once prominent Hampton-based attorney, is accused of murdering his wife Margaret and their youngest son Paul in June 2021.