Model's father opens up about late son's likely cause of death

14 days ago

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The grieving father of fashion model Jeremy Ruehlemann said that authorities have yet to confirm a cause of death for his late 27-year-old son but revealed that he believes he has the answer.

The young New Jersey native was found dead in his friend's Manhattan apartment Saturday. The father, Achim Ruehlemann, suspects Jeremy died of a drug overdose.

“He did rehab and had tried to get off prescription medication. Obviously, he was not successful,” Ruehlemann said.

The devastated dad added that Jeremy struggled with addiction to prescription pills for several years and that he was specifically addicted to Percocet.

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  • “There was no desire to end his life, this was accidental,” the 59-year-old father said.

    “Obviously, he had some issues with drug addiction, but he was very happy. He loved life. He was very vibrant, a wonderful soul, and a very giving guy.”

    Tributes poured in following Ruehlemann's sudden passing, including a lengthy, touching post by Christian Siriano, for whom the young model had once worked.

    “I don't know if there's anybody who could say anything negative about him,” Ruehlemann's dad commented. “It's just a tragedy.”