Florida mom charged after infant dies of co-sleeping months following similar death of another baby

8 month ago

Gulfport news, Florida news.

A Gulfport, Florida mother was charged with manslaughter over the death of her 4-month-old baby as a result of co-sleeping on Monday.

30-year-old Nicole Iannone had months earlier lost another infant in similar conditions, the Gulfport Police Department said.

“[Iannone] had a previous child die approximately 1.5 years ago and was approximately two months old at the time of his death,” the police report read.

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  • “It was determined that this previous child also died in almost the exact same circumstance while co-sleeping with [Iannone].”

    Iannone called 911 Monday after she woke up to find the baby not breathing on her left arm.

    The baby died less than an hour later. Iannone admitted that doctors warned her of the risks of co-sleeping with a baby “but she continued to willingly and knowingly co-sleep with [the child] even after the consequences of the first child's death.”