California toddler mauled by coyote outside home in rare attack

one year ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

A Los Angeles, California toddler has her face and left leg covered with deep bruises after a coyote attack outside her family home on Friday.

The 2-year-old victim had just gotten home from preschool with her parents and released her from her car seat when the animal approached her as they collected toys from the vehicle.

The coyote bit the toddler’s legs and began dragging her facedown; she was screaming in terror, her parents recalled.

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  • Ariel Eliyahuo ran to the rescue of his daughter charging at the canine as he yelled with all his strength to scare it off the girl.

    His attempts sent the coyote away from the toddler who now suffers scratches and bruises from being dragged on the sidewalk.

    Authorities said that coyote attacks are rare in Los Angeles despite common sightings of the animals roaming in some neighborhoods.