Largest fentanyl bust in US history made during traffic stop in Texas

2 months ago

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Border agents in Robstown, Texas made the “largest” fentanyl bust in the country’s history this week, according to Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez.

“Fentanyl Bust!!! Extremely proud of our agents and the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office authorities who worked together, interdicted & seized the largest amount of liquid fentanyl in the history of the USA from a traffic stop in Robstown, Texas,” Chavez tweeted Friday.

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  • The bust consisted of 25 pounds of fentanyl, which is the equivalent of three gallons of the potent opioid, found inside a compartment within a gas tank. The seizure is worth $1.8 million, authorities said.

    “This lethal amount is enough to kill a population of 5.665 million people which is 2 ½ times the size of Houston, Texas!” Chavez added.