Suspect accused of shooting dead baby in stroller gets attacked in court by fellow inmate

2 months ago

Merced County news, California news.

A California man accused of fatally shooting an infant in his stroller last month was attacked prior to an arraignment hearing by a fellow inmate Thursday.

18-year-old Daevon Motshwane was arrested at a Gilroy motel where he had been hiding after shooting 9-month-old Darius Grigsby to death on November 9.

Darius was not the intended target of Motshwane, police said, but rather his mom’s friend who was walking with them at the time.

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  • Before Thursday’s hearing, Motshwane was sitting handcuffed in a Merced County courtroom when a handcuffed inmate in a prison jumpsuit appeared behind him and elbowed his head.

    Officers intervened to end the scuffle. They later identified the inmate as first-degree murder suspect James Clay McRae.

    “Every time you go in there someone gonna come at you and get beat up every time,” the baby’s mother said following the incident.

    “Just all I gotta say is ready for what’s coming for you, boy. Like a lot is gonna come your way and you’re gonna be hurt. Like damaged real bad.”