California couple, dog killed in crash found hidden in heavy brush after suspect driver is released from jail

one year ago

San Luis Obispo news, California news.

Authorities in San Luis Obispo, California released a speeding driver who crashed into a couple walking their dog late last month after not finding any victims at the scene.

The bodies of Matthew Chachere and Jennifer Besser would later be found in heavy brush in a creek bed after a passerby spotted their dog Buddy’s body at Sacramento Drive.

The family of the couple also reported them missing after they went unheard of for hours and provided photos of them with Buddy to detectives leading them to further search the creek bed for the bodies.

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  • Police are now working to verify whether the driver in the fatal single-car collision had hidden the bodies “under heavy brush” to be spared legal troubles.

    “They were a very supportive family,” Chachere’s former Football Coach Payam Saddat said. “There were there, his mom and dad, were there for all the games.”

    “I can still remember the dad’s face and smile and joy watching his son, great man, you can’t help but feel pain for them.”