Man shot in Manhattan club drives into street driver before fatal crash: NYPD looking for 2 gunmen

6 month ago

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The New York Police Department said that a man was found dead Sunday inside his crashed car in Manhattan and appeared to have been shot.

Investigators said that the 30-year-old victim suffered gunshot wounds to the chest near West 143rd Street and Broadway at around 3 a.m.

He then hopped in his car in an attempt to flee the shooters and drove for a block before fatally crashing into a street divider.

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  • β€œHe had been shot and was driving away and struck the divider,” the NYPD said.

    The department added that two armed men were named suspects in the case. They were among a group of five people with one being dressed all in red.

    The unidentified victim reportedly had β€œa lengthy rap sheet.”