Worker dies in freak accident after falling off scaffolding into water channel

2 months ago

Corpus Christi news, Texas news.

A worker died in a tragic accident after falling from scaffolding into a water channel with his safety jacket failing to open.

Ricardo Jazael Laredo Padron, 29, fell to his death on Saturday while working at a Kiewit Offshore Services’ yard near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The US Coast Guard said that when his body was found roughly four hours later, the victim was wearing a manually inflatable blue life jacket, safety harness, and tool belt.

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    “This news is devastating and our hearts go out to the subcontractor employee’s family, friends, and coworkers,” the firm said.

    “We are very thankful to the Coast Guard. Local dive teams and other first responders who quickly and diligently responded to the scene on Saturday.”