2 dozen Huskies found in squalid trailers where breeder fed them maggot-infested food

10 month ago

Tompkinsville news, Staten Island news.

Authorities in Staten Island have arrested a man who kept two dozen dogs in two squalid trailers on a fenced-off where he fed them maggot-infected food.

Victor Quinteros, 54, was charged with several counts of animal cruelty on Wednesday after authorities rescued all but one puppy from the deplorable living conditions in late July.

When investigators conducted a search of Quinteros’ property in Tompkinsville, they discovered some dogs running loose and others kept inside and underneath the trailers.

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  • There were several adult Huskies and seven puppies. One puppy was found dead in the urine/feces-covered trailer.

    The only water source the dogs had was a tiny kids’ pool filled with dirty water. Nearby detectives spotted large, white buckets of maggot-infested food.

    “This defendant neglected to provide basic needs for twenty-four huskies under his care, choosing to heartlessly leave these beautiful creatures in deplorable and unsafe conditions without access to enough food or water,” the sheriff’s office said.