Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer pleads guilty to tax fraud

one year ago

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The longtime Chief Financial Officer for the Trump Organization pleaded guilty Thursday to tax fraud charges dating back to where he was still in office.

Allen Weisselberg, 75, pleaded guilty to all of the 15 counts he faced, including criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. He admitted to avoiding taxes on nearly $2 million in income.

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  • “In one of the most difficult decisions of his life, Mr. Weisselberg decided to enter a plea of guilty today to put an end to this case and the years-long legal and personal nightmares it has caused for him and his family,” the man’s attorney said.

    “Rather than risk the possibility of 15 years in prison, he has agreed to serve 100 days. We are glad to have this behind him.”

    Weisselberg’s plea deal implies, in addition to a five-month prison sentence and five years of supervised release, that he testified against the Trump Organization when the firm’s trial begins in October.