Caregivers arrested after ‘pulseless’ toddler brought to hospital

4 month ago

St. Petersburg news, Florida news.

A Florida couple is behind bars after one of several children they had been taking care of died from abuse, the St. Petersburg Police Department said.

3-year-old Brandy Crews arrived at the hospital Tuesday “pulseless”, covered with burns, fractures, and “hundreds of small scars.”

Doctors were able to revive her but she remained brain-dead and was ultimately pronounced dead Friday.

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  • Monica Williams, 33, and Daquan Lindsey, 24, admitted to beating the girl with a belt, tying her hands with shoelaces, and throwing her against a wall.

    The abuse “caused head trauma and the victim to become unresponsive”. The suspects then left the dying girl unattended for half an hour before calling for help.

    Lindsey and Williams also face child abuse and neglect charges for injuries spotted on a boy in their care, police said.