NYC man, probably looking for keys, falls to death down building garbage chute

one year ago

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A horrific video caught the last moments of a New York City man before he plunged down a Brooklyn building’s garbage chute as two friends watched.

Less than 15 minutes later, the remains of the man were found at the bottom of the chute, authorities said. The surveillance footage caught him talking to a man and woman who tried to prevent him from falling.

The victim, probably attempting to retrieve keys he dropped, leaned inside the dark space at around 4 a.m., before vanishing and falling to his death.

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  • “If you throw your keys in the incinerator, leave them,” a 60-year-old resident of the building said. “You can always get more keys made, but you can’t get another life.”

    “Why would you go get your keys in the incinerator? I’d leave them down there, wait for maintenance to come, or get another pair made…I dropped my keys in an incinerator one time and I left them there.”

    A 30-year-old neighbor added that he would frequently spot strangers in the building calling the incident “just dumb.”

    “I’ve never heard of anything like that before, but that’s 2022 for you,” he said. “They must not have common sense because you go to management to retrieve your new keys. You don’t play next to nothing like that.”