Ga. man claimed wife committed suicide before autopsy revealed victim was shot more than once

2 years ago

Gwinnett County news, Georgia news.

A Gwinnett County, Georgia man is behind bars facing murder charges after he allegedly shot his wife dead and then told police she took her own life.

At around 9:15 p.m. last Tuesday, officers were at the Lawrenceville home of Glenroy Roberts, 51, over reports of his wife Claudia Roberts’ suicide.

Once at the scene, officers noticed that there were several spent shell casings near the 49-year-old woman’s body and that she was shot more than once. The medical examiner’s office confirmed that the victim was murdered.

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  • “There were just some suspicious circumstances, he called in saying that she shot herself, they had just had an argument,” police said.

    “Homicide unit came out, crime scene came out, they located additional shell casings, all those things kind of lead up to it not indicating that it was a suicide.”

    The grieving mother of the victim said that Claudia had endured 21 years of abuse for her five kids because she wanted them to grow up with their father.

    “If a person should ever hit you, don’t let it happen a second time, because it’s going to continue,” she told people in abusive situations.