Memphis toddler overdoses after using drug-laced straw

12 days ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

A South Memphis toddler is fighting for life after she overdosed on drugs at home Friday afternoon.

The victim had reportedly used a straw with drugs on it shortly before 2 p.m. at a residence located in the 700 block of Regent Place.

“One female juvenile was transported to Le Bonheur in critical condition,” Lt. Louis Brownlee said.

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  • “Officers are investigating. They want to find the source of those drugs, find the person who had those drugs.”

    Brownlee continued: “You shouldn’t have drugs in the house period, but keep harmful things away from children.”

    The incident left neighbors shaken and frustrated that some people still “are not aware of what they are doing around their children.”

    “For this to happen to a child, an overdose. It’s real sad. I hope they can see now what drugs do to a family.”