Kari Lake, endorsed by Trump, wins Az. Republican primaries over Pence-backed Karrin Taylor Robson

one year ago

Arizona news, US news.

Former President Donald Trump dealt a blow to his ex-Vice President Mike Pence Thursday when his endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake won Arizona’s primaries.

Karrin Taylor Robson didn’t get a chance against her opponent who focused on the supposedly “rigged” 2020 elections securing 46.8 percent of all voters.

Robson, backed by Pence, got 44 percent of the votes with 88 percent of all votes counted.

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  • Lake, a former news anchor, described her victory as “more than an election” and a “political earthquake” noting that voters “finally put Arizona first.”

    She will now face Democrat Katie Hobbs in a highly-anticipated general election.

    “Arizona just sent a clear message; our state is done with failed politicians like Katie Hobbs,” Lake said.