Maryland sisters killed in horrific house fire at family vacation home

8 month ago

Southampton news, New York news.

A tragic house fire early Wednesday claimed the young lives of two Maryland sisters who were spending their vacation with family at a Southampton home.

The victims were identified as Jillian and Lindsay Wiener. They were aged respectively 21 and 19 with one attending the University of Michigan while the other served as president of the Reform Jewish synagogue.

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  • The deadly fire erupted at around 3:30 the Noyack Bay residence, according to the victims' father who was woken up by breaking glass.

    The 60-year-old man managed to save his wife and other children but the victims were hard to reach being in their upstairs bedroom.

    “My heart is just full of sadness hearing this news,” a neighbor of the family said. “I knew them since they were born and it’s truly shocking. Truly, extremely sad news.”