Baby dies in bath-time incident after dad walks away for a minute, returns to find him facedown in water

19 days ago

Fresno news, California news.

A Fresno baby drowned late Friday evening when his father walked away for a minute leaving him in the bathtub and returned to find him dead.

The deadly bath-time incident took place at around 7 p.m. in an apartment in the 1200 block of East Clinton Avenue, Fresno Police said.

Officers responded to the scene when the father called to report a drowning after he found the baby facedown in the water.

One officer succeeded to revive the child temporarily before he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

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  • “At this point, the information we do have, does not appear to be that, but we are going to explore all angles what actually occurred and why this event occurred,” Fresno Police Lt. Skye Leibee said.

    Leibee added that the baby was less than one year old.

    “We have called our family justice bureau detectives out,” he said. “A detective is responding at this point and once that detective gets here the detective will comb over all the evidence, all the information, and a determination will be made whether or not there is criminal negligence.”

    “I don’t want to say there wasn’t at this point. It appears to be a tragedy obviously, but we have to explore all angles of this,” Leibee added.