Authorities investigate hate crime after noose found at Redmond construction side with name on it

2 months ago

Redmond news, Washington news.

Authorities in Redmond are investigating a hate crime against a Black carpenter after a noose bearing his name was discovered at the construction site where he is working.

“On Saturday, June 25, a 33-year-old black male carpenter came to the Redmond Police Department and described an event at his job site that occurred several days prior,” the Redmond Police Department said.

“During this event, a rope was tied like a noose and hung in a shared trailer used for tool and equipment storage on a job site of Facebook’s parent company Meta in the 10200 block of Willows Road.”

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  • “A piece of carpentry equipment was attached to the noose by a piece of tape with the victim’s name written on it.

    The male victim provided a photo of these items to Redmond police.”

    Back in 2021, Sharon Lane found several noses at a construction site in the area where she worked for a Microsoft project. The incidents made her quit the job.

    “It’s really sad that you know, at this time and age that this still happening. And I text my supervisor and I said: hey, this is the reason why I won’t be coming back to this job. And I sent her those pictures,” she recalled.