Mom got drunk at bar, hospitalized while 1-year-old daughter sat in hot car with windows up

2 months ago

Pensacola news, Florida news.

A Florida mother is behind bars after forgetting about her one-year-old daughter inside a sweltering car and going to drink at a Pensacola bar Sunday.

Madison Hart’s toddler miraculously survived the ordeal that lasted for over an hour when her mom got heavily drunk and was hospitalized before recalling where she left her.

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  • “She showed up at the Tickets Sports Bar and stayed about 20 minutes,” Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said. “She tried to leave. The employees and some patrons at the TicketsSports Bar were so concerned about her that they stopped her from leaving and called law enforcement.”

    Police took the 27-year-old woman to a hospital where a relative told officers she was supposed to be with her toddler.

    “The 1-year-old child, inside a vehicle with the windows up, in the heat that we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days,” Simmons said. “Clearly, she had no concern for her 1-year-old.”