Florida girl dead, parents wounded after driver slams car into them outside Walmart

8 days ago

Cape Coral news, Florida news.

A Florida girl was killed and her parents injured when a driver crashed his SUV into them outside a Cape Coral Walmart Wednesday.

The driver of the 2015 Toyota Highlander, an 85-year-old man, was trying to back out of the parking lot but accidentally hit the gas pedal and accelerated in reverse hitting the three victims as they made their entry into the Del Prado Walmart.

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  • Police said that the deceased girl, identified as 12-year-old Sierra Rose Vazquez, was run over and that the two other pedestrians, her parents, sustained minor injuries.

    "It was horrible, it was not something you would want to see," a worker at the store said. "It's something you don't expect to happen."

    At this time, there is no evidence of alcohol or drug involvement in the tragic accident. The suspect was reportedly cooperating with investigators and remained at the scene.