‘It’s so unjustified’: Colorado father of 3 shot dead by street-racers while traveling with family

2 months ago

Glen Haven news, Colorado news.

A Colorado father was shot and killed in front of his three children and wife as they returned home from a Father’s Day weekend trip, police said.

Investigators believe 37-year-old John Jaros was fatally shot by a group of street racers late Saturday while riding the car with his family.

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  • After he was shot, his wife managed to steer the car to the roadside. The children were reportedly not harmed.

    “My three grandchildren were in that truck. My daughter-in-law was in that truck, and these SOBs are opening fire on a pickup truck,” Jaros’ grieving dad said.

    “What can you possibly do or say to something like this? To be taken out this way, trying to enjoy a weekend away with his family, is so unjustified, cruel, unbelievably unimaginable.”