Republican Senator sustains ‘serious’ hand injury, says amputation is possible

9 days ago

North Dakota news, US news.

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer announced Wednesday that he had suffered a serious hand injury over the weekend and that he is currently facing the risk of amputation.

The Republican lawmaker added that he sustained the injury to his right hand while “working in the yard” but did not give details about the incident.

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  • “There is a high risk of infection and the possible need for amputation,” the Senator’s office said adding that he was “alert and in good spirits.”

    Later on, Cramer’s Communications official Molly Block noted that the risk of amputation only concerns the Senators’ fingers and not to integrity of his hand.

    “For those curious – the risk of amputation is for his fingers,” she said noting that the congressman “is cracking jokes that his future NFL career is over.”