Dog dispute ends in fatal shooting of new parents on Father’s Day

11 months ago

Hartford news, Connecticut news.

Authorities in Hartford, Connecticut said that a couple was fatally shot and left a newborn orphaned following a dispute with their neighbor over a dog.

The victims were identified as Christina Dang, 27, and Chase Garrett, 39. Both were shot to death during the Father’s Day incident; a third victim sustained injuries and was listed in critical condition.

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  • “Preliminary investigation shows that this was a personal neighbor dispute over a dog,” Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody said.

    “This is the continuation of a very, very distressing trend that we are seeing not just in Hartford, but around the state and around the country…which is minor personal dispute escalating with incredible speed into violence. And the presence of guns then turns those disputes fatal.”

    The suspect took off in a vehicle that has since been seized; police said that there were no prior reports of conflicts between the victims and the neighbor.