‘Wonderful’ couple shot multiple times in Greenville home; detectives in hazmat suits spotted at scene

13 days ago

Greenville news, South Carolina news.

Authorities in Greenville, South Carolina are investigating a mysterious double-homicide incident that took place earlier this week.

The victims were identified as Ansel Leigh Bouchillon, 66, and Alice Lollis Bouchillon, 65. Their lifeless bodies were discovered at around 9 a.m. inside their home.

Police said that the couple was shot repeatedly; local news outlets, however, spotted the presence of detectives in hazmat suits in and around the couple’s residence.

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  • “I expect this to be an extremely lengthy investigation because of fingerprints, DNA, photographs, forensics evidence inside, maybe outside the residence,” Greenville County Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis said.

    “It’ll be an extensive investigation by all agencies involved.”

    A neighbor of the victims said that he never heard gunshots or seen anything suspicious before the police chief visited his home to ask for surveillance footage.

    “I could go on about the things that he’s done for me,” he said about his late neighbor. “We’ve had a very, very good relationship.”