Missing toddler’s body found in pond hours after he went missing from babysitter’s backyard

15 days ago

Lowell news, Massachusetts news.

A missing Massachusetts toddler was found dead in a pond at a Christmas tree farm hours after he vanished from his babysitter’s backyard Tuesday.

Harry Kkonde, 3, was found dead the following day in the pond which is 650 feet away from where he went missing at around 9:30 a.m., police said.

“I want to be clear that we have no idea how Harry came to reach that pond, where he might have been, or how long it might have taken him to reach that pond,” District Attorney Marian Ryan said.

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  • “This is obviously every parents’ worst nightmare: a child who disappears for a very short period of time, the excruciating hours of the search and then the recovery of his body.”

    The toddler’s dad had prior to the grisly finding spoken to a local news outlet about his missing son Harry.

    “He’s active. He likes going outside. When he’s at home, he goes to the yard and plays. He’s a healthy kid but he can’t speak. He’s trying to learn how to speak, but he can’t talk,” the man said.