Iowa would-be thief offers arresting cops $1M to let him go

1 month ago

Iowa news, US news.

An Iowa would-be thief was arrested late Tuesday after punching his victim in the face and had a special offer for cops in exchange for freedom.

Ricardo Esperza, 49, was after the purse of a woman in Davenport at around 8 p.m. when he followed her down an alley.

He reportedly tried to grab the straps of the purse but the woman resisted prompting him to punch her in the face.

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  • The victim called the police and gave them a description of Esperza before he was arrested around the scene.

    As he sat in the back of the police cruiser, Esperza reportedly offered the officer $1 million to free him adding that he can transfer the money onto their bank accounts or hand it cash.

    When asked if he was trying to bribe them, the suspect responded yes.

    But the officers were apparently not interested in the offer as Esperza was ultimately arraigned and had his bond set at $10,000.