Former heavyweight boxer admits to beating roommate to death over candy-wrapper’s noise

1 month ago

Kent news, Washington news.

A Washington man is back in jail after he fatally beat his roommate who complained of the noise he made while opening candies at their “transitional home”, police said.

Former heavyweight boxer Phillip Frazier told police that he was watching Netflix on May 13 when 59-year-old Danny Jones went to sleep.

The 6-foot-3, 290 pounds suspect then grabbed a bag of Reese’s Pieces which woke his roommate up due to the wrapper’s noise.

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  • Jones went to complain about the noise but was struck to the head and neck until he lost consciousness and later died, charging papers said.

    “As his roommate voiced his frustration and anger, the defendant reacted by slamming his roommate back onto his bed and hitting him with his fist multiple times to the side of his head.”

    The two men had lived together for about 13 days before the incident; Frazier was released from jail about two weeks earlier.