California driver accused of giving fentanyl pills to special needs students

1 month ago

Riverside news, California news.

A California woman was arrested and charged earlier this week after an investigation by the Riverside Police Department confirmed her involvement in fentanyl overdoses among special needs students.

46-year-old Melissa Harloam-Garrison, the Bright Futures Academy bus driver, was charged with several counts related to possession of narcotics and child endangerment after a search of her home revealed more than a hundred fentanyl pills, two handguns, and ammunition.

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  • Harloam-Garrison’s home is located within the school property where she is accused of distributing the highly potent drug to students.

    Days before the May 17 arrest, officers were alerted to a student who had overdosed at their home and was eventually rescued.

    The woman’s husband, David Garrison, was also arrested for possessing a firearm on campus despite being denied weapon possession.