1-year-old baby dies in hot car outside Tennessee daycare

1 month ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

A one-year-old boy died Thursday afternoon outside a Memphis daycare after a staff member forgot him in a hot car for hours, police said.

The child was found unresponsive at around 2:40 p.m. outside Education is the Key Childcare on Thomas Street in North Memphis.

The daycare employee had picked him up in the morning and placed him in the backseat of her car where he remained for an extended amount of time.

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  • “I just hope they do better this summer,” resident Jimmie Hopson said. “Every year, they talk about this. They say things about it but they never happen. People never go back. They still leave their kids sitting in the car when they should go back and check.”

    Police arrested two people in connection with the case and released them after questioning. No charges have been filed.

    “Just being at a daycare, it just seems like you would have double-checked, I just feel really bad,” another resident added.