Hit-and-run victim left outside California hotel after being dragged 8 miles by pickup truck

10 days ago

Fresno news, California news.

The lifeless body of a hit-and-run victim was left in a parking lot of a Fresno hotel after it was dragged for nearly eight miles from the crash scene.

Authorities are now looking for the driver of a silver/gray Chevy Silverado caught in surveillance footage from the La Quina Inn. hotel.

The woman’s remains were discovered at 1:30 a.m. Friday. Police believe the victim was crossing an intersection with her dog while pushing a shopping cart when she was struck by the pickup truck.

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  • Following the crash, the driver headed to the hotel where he asked for a vacant room, seemingly not aware that he had been dragging the victim’s body.

    When he was told there was no room for him, he left the parking lot where the human remains were dislodged, according to a hotel guest.

    The woman is believed to be homeless; Police did not publicly name her.