Family of 10-year-old girl sues TikTok for Blackout Challenge death; claims content ‘thrust in front of her’

one year ago

Philadelphia news, Pennsylvania news.

A Philadelphia girl passed last fall while trying TikTok’s blackout challenge and her family now sues the platform for inciting children to choke themselves.

10-year-old Nylah Anderson hung herself using her mom’s purse strap as she tried the dangerous challenge on Dec. 7. She died five days later in the pediatric ICU.

Nylah’s mom said that the challenge was “thrust in front of her” and listed on the “For You” page, according to the lawsuit.

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  • “I cannot stop replaying this day in my head,” the grieving mom said. “The unbreakable bond in our family is now shattered and void.”

    The lawsuit described Nylah as an “active, happy, healthy and incredibly intelligent child” that could speak three languages. The girl tried the blackout challenge in her mother’s closet while she was downstairs.

    “Nylah endured hellacious suffering as she struggle and fought for breath and slowly asphyxiated until near the point of death,” the lawsuit added.