Audio reveals Vicky White’s last words before she committed suicide

13 days ago

Lauderdale County news, Alabama news.

Shortly after an autopsy confirmed the former Alabama jailer’s death as a suicide, authorities released a 911 audio that seems to reveal her last words to fugitive Casey White.

As police in Evansville, Indiana chased the couple after an 11-day nationwide manhunt, they started speeding away and Vicky said

“Airbags are going off; let’s get out and run.”

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  • After that, loud pops could be heard and the call ended; investigators are working to confirm the audio’s authenticity.

    Casey was arrested and led in a yellow jumpsuit and handcuffs to his arraignment with crowds of reporters asking him all sorts of questions.

    But he kept silent until the end of the court proceedings only uttering a few words to tell the judge he had received proper counsel.