Michigan woman takes her own life after slaughtering brother, boyfriend

13 days ago

Detroit news, Michigan news.

A Michigan double-murder suspect was found dead in the woods Monday morning, hours after she allegedly shot her brother and boyfriend dead at the apartment they shared.

22-year-old Ruby Taverner’s death appears t be a suicide according to investigators who added that her body was located in the woods behind

Independence Square Apartments where the victims’ bodies were found.

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  • Taverner's brother, 25-year-old Bishop Taverner, and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ray Muscat, were killed the previous night with police naming the missing woman as the main suspect in their deaths.

    “It’s a terrible situation,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. “It always seems to be magnified when you get someone who commits something horrible like that – a homicide – and then kills themselves.”

    “You almost wonder what was the point to this whole thing? You never get any answers that satisfy those questions because, now, all parties are deceased.”