Group of 6 teens harasses elderly man with cane in Houston before shooting him dead

14 days ago

Houston news, Texas news.

Authorities in Houston, Texas are investigating the despicable murder of an elderly man who was peacefully walking with a cane late Monday

before he crossed the path of a group of six unruly teens.

The victim was shot and killed at around 8:40 p.m. on Fulton and Cross timbers by a group of four girls and two boys, police said.

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  • “They were harassing him. They got to the corner right behind me...They were messing with him. The elderly victim swung his cane at them trying to get him back,” Police Lt J.P. Horelica said.

    “The females were trying to get the two males to leave. All of them start to walk off; one of the males in the group turned around and fired one shot, striking our victim in the chest.”

    The elderly man was pronounced dead at a local hospital; Houston Police investigators said that they are looking for the teens, ranging in age between 16 and 18, and are being assisted by at least one witness.