Speeding SUV crashes into SEPTA Station killing 3 in gruesome scene

14 days ago

Philadelphia news, Pennsylvania news.

Two pedestrians and the driver of an SUV died horrifically early Tuesday when the vehicle lost control and slammed into a SEPTA station wall in Philadelphia.

The tragic accident took place at around 2:45 Tuesday at Kensington and East Allegheny avenues and involved an out-of-control, speeding SUV that jumped a curb and hit three pedestrians on the sidewalk.

“It sounded like a bomb went off and everyone started running away,” eyewitness Ariana Kmecak said.

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  • “Once it settled down, people started walking closer towards it. Then they saw the car so they started running over.”

    The driver of the car died after it caught fire. A third victim sustained injuries but is expected to recover.

    “There is a male body right in front of the vehicle,” Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

    “That body is clearly decapitated. The body is clearly mangled and appears to be somewhat burned.”